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Grace Lusk

Andrew Healan and Grace Lusk talk fanny packs, stabbing people, hitch hiking, cremation, sandwiches and parrots as they explore limits. 

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Kaitlin Marone

Andrew Healan and Kaitlin Matone talk success, therapy, whiskey, the bus, teenagers, the Little Rock punk scene, Miami Improv Machine, getting overly excited about basketball, red clay, baby boomers and there is a shocking proposal. 

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Joe Pettis

Andrew Healan and Joe Pettis talk Saved By The Bell, riding on a nuclear submarine, stalking Bob Saget, embarrassing childhood CDs, chicken fingers, wearing pants on stage and performing in your underwear.
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Katie East

Andrew Healan and Katie East talk college years, dry humping, improv, girl scouts, riding donkeys, dog walking, canine depression and crying on the subway.

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Dan Woods

Andrew Healan and Dan Woods talk downgrading your online profile, the restaurant scene in Vancleave, MS, malls, Coast To Coast AM, the bus, visiting prisons, alternate ways to mule, why you should only have anal sex in hotels, transvestites, escorts and pimps.

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Madison Davis

Andrew Healan and Madison Davis talk near death experiences, Cher, flying, death beds and knives. 

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Duncan Pace

Andrew Healan and Duncan Pace talk raising an only child, being seen by rockstars in your underwear, juggling, renaissance fairs and disappointing your parents.

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Ariel Elias

Andrew Healan and Ariel Elias talk global politics, changing your name and college life. But mostly they just tell weird sex stories.

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Matt Wayman

Andrew Healan and Matt Wayman talk the homeless, the surplus of prostitutes a Super Bowl brings, $1,000 tickets to see Nelly, give weather updates and reach out to their Latvian fan base. We're having fun here!

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Samantha Fryer

Andrew Healan and Samantha Fryer talk zoo animals, life goals, Cher and settle the Heathcliff versus Garfield debate once and for all. Follow @Samantha_Fryer.

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